Marijuana To Replace Opioids For Pain Relief


Marijuana And Pain

Anecdotal and historical accounts of pot’s painkilling properties abound. Marijuana pain relief should be the new way of fighting pain and at the same time fighting the abuse of opioid. But so far, scientific evidence that it works better than traditional painkillers is hard to come by. The U.S. government classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug with no medical use like heroin and cocaine leading to the funding for research hard to get.  2015 article in the journal Current Pain and Headache Reports points out, high-quality clinical studies of pot’s effectiveness randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled are limited.

One of the first academic programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis, is hoping to conduct a high quality study using opioid patients.

Studies has been designed to test different combinations of THC. The principal psychoactive component of marijuana, and cannabidiol, an anti-inflammatory component that does not get the user “high.”

In a recent interview with NBC News, London said the study aims to find out which combination “produces the most good,”. With the goal of reducing  pain and their use of opioids  not to mention stemming the epidemic of opioid abuse.

Marijuana Pain Relief

Marijuana for pain relief,marijuana and pain

Opioid overdoses killed a record 42,000 Americans in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some research has been encouraging. In one of two five-year studies published in April in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers found that states with medical marijuana laws had about 6 percent fewer opioid prescriptions among Medicaid patients compared with states without such laws. The second study,  looked at Medicare Part D patients, found a drop of 8.5% in  prescriptions in medical marijuana states.

Before that study can begin, the researchers need approval from the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Michael Smith and john Bauer have suffered chronic pain since they were involved in serious car accidents, with broken bones . Morphine and oxycodone were available while they were hospitalized, but they didn’t want to become opioid addicts. Michael Smith said he refused prescription for opioids, knowing that they are highly addictive. John Bauer said she stopped taking opioid pain relievers while on bed rest at her family’s home because her hair and skin were becoming dry.

marijuana pain relief,marijuana and pain


Best marijuana strains for chronic pain

The different types of marijuana plants include the following:

There is limited research available on the use of specific marijuana strains for pain and other symptoms. As a result, strain-specific recommendations are not medically proven for marijuana pain relief.

The results of an online survey, comprising 95 participants, featured in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2014.

The researchers found that participants preferred indica strains for pain relief, sedation, and sleep while they would opt for sativa strains to improve energy and mood. You can find many indica strains in our shop and also place your order if you need some to relief your pain rather than taking opioids. Marijuana pain relief is the new way to quit  addiction in many forms of pills which turns to be harmful.

Regarding pain management, participants reported a statistically significant effect when using indica for:

  • non-migraine headache
  • neuropathy
  • spasticity
  • joint pain

It is, however, important to note that this study had several limitations. It was small in scale, anonymous, and asked people to self-report on their symptoms. Respondents did not use the marijuana in a controlled setting, potentially resulting in differences in drug composition, dosage, and potency.

Another study examined the use of organically grown sativa and indica strains in the treatment of several medical conditions. Just over half of the participants were using marijuana to treat HIV.

The study followed participants for 3 years and asked them about the effects of the drug on their condition during this time. And also what they feel about marijuana and pain. The results indicated that indica strains are more likely to improve energy and appetite. While both sativa and indica strains can alleviate nausea to a similar degree.

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