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It is totally normal nowadays to order marijuana online and get it delivered to your doors. And what is the most important part is that it is totally legal and safe. With a lot of interest in it and a lot of people ordering Medical Marijuana Online, there might be some delivery delays depending on where you are located.  It is very useful now in the age of Corona virus to get your medical marijuana delivered to the door, without breaking any rules or social distancing. So you can pick up your medical marijuana without waiting in a crowded line, which could be dangerous right now during the Corona virus crisis.

You may have some suspicions while you are trying to order medical marijuana online, but I totally understand you. You can’t have trust in someone that you don’t meet face-to-face. That is why we are writing this article. We will explain all casualties of ordering marijuana online so you don’t need to worry if you are getting ripped off.

How to order medical marijuana online – Mail Order

Mail order is marijuana you buy online. It doesn’t have to be bud to smoke, you can order edibles, concentrates, oil, vaporizers, etc. Buying weed online is the same as purchasing something from eBay. You find a shop, you browse products, add them to cart and checkout.

But the thing is when buying medical marijuana online, most of the vendors do not accept Credit Card or PayPal. You may either pay by BitCoin or e-transfer. The e-transfer process is easy and simple.

  1. Sign in to your bank institution’s mobile banking and find the “Send Money” button.
  2. Select the account where the funds will be sent to.
  3. Fill out the information about the shop you’re sending the money to, such as the name, phone number, email address, etc. Most online dispensaries should provide you with this information, but if not give them a call.
  4. Select the amount of money you wish to send and hit submit.
  5. Wait for confirmation that your e-transfer went through safely and successfully. If you do not receive confirmation, contact the shop you purchased from right away to ensure the order was processed.

The Risks of Buying Medical Marijuana Online

There are always risks involved when ordering stuff online, especially like this. So even though your state is legal, if you choose the wrong company, you might never see your marijuana.  A lot of people got ripped off by shady online marijuana selling websites and people. Please do not buy if it looks ‘illegal’.

If you are in marijuana illegal state and you order it illegally, you might get in a lot of trouble with law enforcement. If your package raises suspicion in your postal service, they might do a routine check. And if they find marijuana or anything illegal you will face serious troubles with law and jail time. The more you order, the deeper you are in trouble and risk.

Also if you buy weed from sketchy vendors, you might get your marijuana but not the one you ordered. For example, you have ordered CBD marijuana and they deliver you weed full of THC. So always take care of these sketchy illegal sites.

Where To purchase safe marijuana online

When you choose what company you want to order from, make sure that they have a government certificate for selling marijuana and that they are legal dispensary. Always check for SSL certificate and if it has a physical location of their dispensary. You should also Google the name of the dispensary to check if there are any bad reviews.

order safe marijuana online

You can find a lot of companies when Googling “buy marijuana online” but I do not recommend you go further than page two pages on Google. And you should always check if they are trusted and legally approved by your state.

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