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Buy Malana Hash Cream

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Buy Malana Hash Cream Online

Have you ever wondered why many people are fighting to buy malana hash cream online, or why it’s among the most expensive hash . Malana Cream is a hash made from heirloom marijuana grown in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh province. Malana is the name of the Indian village where this hash comes from. All the malana cream hash for sale in India and the rest of the world comes from the region. So if you are ever lucky to fall on malana hash cream for sale, don’t hesitate to order as much as you can because you won’t see it everyday. The malani people are the best in the production of malani hash. That is the reason why we always order malana hash cream from the malani people. They have been our suppliers for over 6 years now and we don’t intend to stop.

Why Is Malana Hash cream so Special

Malana hash cream is very special because of it’s quality and high THC level. Many buy malana hash cream online because it’s not easily sold by local vendors since it’s rare. Some research showed that malana hash cream contains 30% to 40% THC which is very high as compared to others which contain just 5% to 10% THC level. This alone makes malana hash to be very potent and desired by many users. It is made from indica cannabis  and also has a very high CBD content. All this joined together gives reason for the high demand and high price of malana hash cream.

The cultivation of the components of malana hash is very difficult making it to be scarce. It’s but normal that scarcity of a product leads to the high in price of the said product. Thus the difficult cultivation process makes malana hash cream to be expensive.  Malana cream has won the Best Hashish title two times. This was in the year 1994 and 1996 respectively, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup

How To Identify It

It should be noted that almost all marijuana hash almost have the same texture. Many people wanting to buy malana hash cream online always have a problem of how to identify the real one.

  1. Its Color

The first thing to identify malana hash is the color. It has a very dark color and is even said to be the darkest hash in the world. So always pay attention to that when buying malana hash

   2. Its Taste

Malana hash has a very strong mint taste.

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  1. Mariella Sims

    Beautiful buds .Taste good
    I will come for more, just waiting for my bitcoins to hit my account.

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