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At kush suppliers global, we have both feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds available to be shipped globally. We offer a return and refund policy which protects you and your money. We also do wholesale of all our products.



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Buy white widow seeds online today from and get your package delivered with a delivery and quality guaranteed. White widow is 60% Indica 40% Sativa hybrid which makes it a very good strain loved by many. It is a High yielding easy growing plant which makes it one of the best since it can be grown by both experts and novist. Buying white widow seeds from us gives you the advantage of gaining a lifetime support from us and other extra benefits. You can also buy white widow weed online from us and get as bonus some few seeds.

Specification Of White Widow Seeds

order white widow marijuana seeds online

You can order white widow feminized seeds online and get delivered in any country of your choice. Payment can be done using bitcoins for just seeds and if buying more than seeds then we accept different other payment options. Also purchasing white widow autoflowering seeds is also possible with guaranteed delivery and flowering.

As always, ensure you give your plants the right nutrients during each of the stages of growing. You can also contact us for assistance. Alternatively, you can order the seeds plus the nutrients from us to ease the process.


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