EdiPure Gummies

Receive 10 flavorful EdiPure gummies in each package. 10 mg THC per EdiPure gummy.

Recommended Dosage:

For first time consumer take no more than 1 EdiPure gummy. Wait at least 1 hour before increasing dosage. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes foods containing wheat, nuts, soy, dairy, and other known allergens. Medicate with discretion.

Available in the following flavors:

Cherry Cola (85.18mg THC, 0.66mg CBD), Golden Pear (88.35mg THC, 0.98mg CBD), Sour Green Apple (81.35mg THC,0.37mg CBD), Super Sour Berry (77.93mg THC, 0.29mg CBD), Chocolate Covered Banana (80.62 THC, 0.34mg CBD)

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EdiPure is among the oldest, largest, and most highly respected foodstuff brands out there, and for good reason. Unlike closely every one of its competitors, empire infuses each foodstuff with precise doses of THC and lab-tests every product for quality, EdiPure Gummies, taking the guesswork out of regulating your patient experience (and making the most out of your medicine).
EdiPure edibles come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and of course, flavors, from sugarcoated gummy bears to old-school rock candies and chocolate chip cookies. If you’re seeking something a bit less comfortable, EdiPure Gummies,worry not;,the brand also carries THC-infused nut clusters and dried fruits that you can toss in your trail mix for your next outdoor adventure with EdiPure Gummies.
EdiPure edibles are highly powerful at managing insomnia, chronic pain conditions, and symptoms of anxiety and depression and medicines. They also come in a range of doses, making them common for both beginner and seasoned patients.
Laboratory Tested THC-Infused Edibles
EdiPure Gummies medicinal succulent products are inspire with THC that’s copied from lab-grade highlighter and extraction methods, then “prepared” so that they can be infused into a host of edible EdiPure Gummies products with exact THC dosing and no resulting cannabis aftertaste.
Minimal Cannabis Taste
EdiPure uses a proprietary approach for the admixture of THC into its products. Their extraction and “preparation” methods allow them to animate a entertainer of edible products, whether it’s Strawberry Rainbow Belts, Cinnamon Drops or Cupcakes. On the company’s about page you’ll find a claim that reads, “EdiPure edibles produce no dirt-of-the-Earth, plant-y after taste like so many THC-infused edibles on the market today.”

3 reviews for EdiPure Gummies

  1. Alford Lee

    These gummies are great. I take them before any flight I go on!

  2. Sheldin

    Its always nice because getting a different flavor is fun.

  3. Seaver

    Love this gummies!

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